Key Stage 3

Introduction and Overview

KS3 Physical Education offers pupils 2 hours of Physical Activity that is split evenly into PE and Games activities. Each pupil will complete an hour of single sex games a week and an hour of mixed physical education. Games lessons are mostly located outside while PE lessons usually use the schools indoor facilities.

Throughout KS3 pupils will be assessed in the following games activities:

  • Football
  • Rugby (Tag, Transitional and Full Contact)
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Rounders
  • Cricket
  • Tennis

Throughout KS3 pupils will be assessed in the following Physical Education activities:

  • Swimming 
  • Dance
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics

Subject Aims

We want pupils to enjoy their PE in a safe and stimulating environment. Although we will always encourage our pupils to take part in extracurricular sport we also acknowledge that sport should be for all. We hope that after 5 years in school that each and every pupil will find at least one activity that they would like to carry on into adult life.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We run an extensive extra-curricular programme. Pupils are invited to attend lunchtime clubs every day of the week while after school time is reserved for school fixtures both in and out of county. Pupils will be transported to away fixtures by bus and will be notified of fixtures with a letter or teamsheet. Fixtures for the following week will also be published in ‘The Link’ the schools emailed publication.

Pupils should make the effort to eat food at break time or bring a packed lunch when taking part in lunchtime clubs as the club can often make them late for school dinners.

Pupils that take part in extra curricular school fixtures may miss curriculum time throughout the year. Every effort should be made to speak to the class teacher about the work that is missed. Contracts and Extracurricular logs can be found in the pupil planner.


  • 4 Badminton court sports hall
  • 3 Badminton court gymnasium (also used for examinations)
  • 5 Tennis courts
  • 20m Swimming pool
  • Fitness Suite
  • Dance Studio
  • 4 Netball courts
  • All Weather Cricket Strip
  • 1 Full sized Rugby pitch
  • 1 Full sized Football pitch
  • 1 Football/Rugby hybrid junio pitch
  • Playing grids

How to support your child

We are sure that you already do many of these things to support your child but here is a useful reminder for you to refer to:

  • Ensure your child has the correct PE kit and brings it to lessons
  • Check the PE programme in pupil planners to check the activities for the half term
  • Encourage pupils to attend lunchtime sports clubs. A timetable will be available from form tutors
  • Ensure pupils fill in the extracurricular log. Ensure pupils are encouraged to catch up with work missed when taking part in school fixtures.

Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organiser


Sport Studies

Cambridge National Award- Sport Studies

Equivalent of 1 GCSE – duration 2 years

60% coursework 40% exam

Why do it?

Our Cambridge National in Sport Studies will encourage students to think for themselves about the study of sport and the application to real life practical sport, leadership and evaluation of the skills required there. They will study topics affecting sport through the contemporary issues unit, both play and lead sporting activities, as well as having the chance to explore the world of outdoor adventurous activities.

What does it involve?

Students will be assessed in a range of theory based assignments, practical assessments and a final written exam.

Theory Assessment:

This is the bulk of the course, students will work on computers each lesson, they will, be given  a brief and will be expected to work towards completing assignments. Students will have 2 opportunities to get feedback from the teacher on their assignments, where they can improve their grade. Each assignment is worth a percentage of their final grade.

Practical assessments:

Students will be expected to play two sports regularly where they will keep a 12 week diary of how often they play and to what standard. They will be marks on their skills for each of these sports.

Students will also be assessed in a leadership role, where they will be expected to lead a PE session on a sport of their choice.

The final practical assessment is to complete an outdoor activities independently, where the students plan a trekking route along the longmynd and work together to complete the route.

You should take Sport Studies if…

  • You have a positive attitude to PE
  • Take part in sport in and out of school
  • You are computer literate (can save files, work on assignments on computers etc)
  • Can work independently and in a group setting
  • Happy to take leadership roles

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Hodnett

Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organiser



In PE we assess students through HEAD, HEART & HANDS. 

Pupils will be assessed across the three strands of Physical Education in seven activities throughout the year. They will receive a grade for each of the seven activities, their end of year grade will be calculated and averaged out from their top four performing activities. Assessment is in line with Edexcel GCSE PE in relation to standard assessments. However, their overall HHH grade incorporates a holistic grade assessing them in the three strands of our curriculum. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their academic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body across a number of academic checkpoints linked to their knowledge development in KS3.