Travel Information

Students currently travel to Church Stretton School using a variety of means including buses, taxis, bikes, train and on foot.

Because of our rural location, the majority of our students travel to School by bus. If students are attending the nearest and/or catchment secondary school and living three miles or more from school may be entitled to free school transport. The School is not responsible for the administration of school transport or travel arrangements apart from the Bayston Hill and Bishops Castle bus routes and therefore any enquiries should be made to the School Transport Service, the link is included below.

At the end of the school day, the loading of buses is supervised by members of the teaching staff.

In the interest of safety, parents who provide their own transport are asked to deposit and collect their children from the school car park and not on the road in front of the School.Students who cycle to school can leave their bicycles in the covered shed provided. Parents are requested to ensure that bicycles are in roadworthy condition and that children can ride them in a safe and courteous manner. Students must wear a cycle helmet.

Who is entitled to free school transport?

Please find a link to the school transport page. - Transport and streets-School transport-Our obligation or call 0345 678006

You will note that it includes lots of information about school transport for parents/carers including frequently asked questions and how to go about applying for the different types of assistance.

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