Personal Development

Personal Development in our school is the curriculum that extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational, supporting pupils to develop in many diverse aspects of life.

The areas of personal development:

  • developing responsible, respectful and active citizens

  • promoting equality of opportunity

  • promoting an inclusive environment

  • developing pupils’ character, giving them qualities they need to flourish in society

  • developing pupils’ confidence and resilience so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy

  • preparing pupils for the next phase of education

Indicators of effective personal development:

  • the range, quality and take-up of extracurricular activities

  • how the education provided develops pupils’ character

  • how curriculum subjects contribute to pupils’ personal development

  • the quality of careers information and guidance

  • the curriculum which extends beyond the academic, providing for pupils’ broader development

  • the curriculum and wider work of the school supports pupils to be confident, resilient and independent

  • there is high-quality pastoral support within the school

  • pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain, and understand how to be responsible, active citizens that contribute positively to society

  • effective promotion of equality and diversity within the school

  • pupils are prepared for future success in education, employment or training