GCSE Results 2024

Exam Results: GCSE/Btec 2024

• Students can collect their results in person on the 22nd August between 9am and 11am.
• Alternatively, results can be accessed on GO4S from 9am on the 22nd August.
• A parent/carer needs written permission from a student to collect results and must bring photo ID.
• Post-Results Services are available to students, although there is a fee. Further details can be found below.
• Exam certificates will not be available until the Autumn term; school will contact students to confirm dates.

Exam information, appeals and fees:

Results day for GCSE exams and Btec awards this year is Thursday 22nd August.

How will the exam results be released? 

Results will be released on GO4Schools at 9am on results day. To find results, students can select ‘progress’ from the menu on their profile page. At the bottom of the progress page is a table called ‘Key grades achieved’. This already details KS2 SATs results and on results day will show Summer 2024 GCSE and Btec results as well. Parents/carers will not be able to access results via their GO4S parent log in.
If students wish to collect their results slip, school will be open between 9am and 11am on the 22nd August. All uncollected results slips will be posted out in the afternoon to the home address that we currently hold for students. If address details have changed, please make sure that you update us so that we send these to the correct address.

Can someone else collect results slips?

Only parents/carers can collect results on a student’s behalf. They will need to provide written permission (you can use this form) granting the named person approval to collect results. The nominated person must bring that letter of permission and a form of photo identity with them (driving license photo card or passport are ideal). Results cannot be given to a nominated person without a letter and ID.  Unfortunately, it is not possible for friends or other family members to collect results.

What support is available when I get my results?

There will be staff available in school on results day to provide support. There is some information about post-results services and appeals in this document.  Before applying for reviews of results, please contact the Head of Department for the subject concerned who will advise you on the best steps forward.



Contact Details 

Mr. D Bird 

Acting Exams Officer 


Mrs. S Quye



Mr. E Balmer

Head of English 


Miss. L Sollars 

Head of Humanities 


Mrs. K Williams

Head of Maths 


Mrs. N Proffitt 

Head of Modern Languages 


Mr. T Wise 

Head of Performing Arts & PE 


Mr. M Cox 

Head of Science 


Mrs. J Butler

Head of Design Technology 


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
D Bird, Acting Exams Officer 

Services Available from Exam Boards

School can ask an exam board, on behalf of a student, to run a clerical check or a review of marking on one or more of a student’s exam papers. There are fees for these services (please see below) and students must be made aware that grade protection does not apply for any Post-Results Service and therefore marks and grades can go up, down or stay the same.

 Process for Post-Exams Services

  1. Once students have received their results, they will be asked to complete an ‘Access to Scripts’ form. This form will be available in school on results day and will also be posted with results slips. A copy can also be found here. The form gives permission for our Heads of Department to view exam scripts online. This can help decision-making around applying for Post-Results Services.
  2. If, after consulting with a Head of Department, a student would like to apply for a review of results, they will need to complete and sign the Post Results Services Form (here is a copy), indicating clearly which subject/s, paper/s and service they would like submitted. The form should be returned to school with the correct fee.
  3. The opening date for submitting a request for Results Services is Monday 2nd September. The deadline is Thursday 26th September.


Services Available




Service 1

Clerical Check

This service includes the following checks:

  • that all parts of the script have been marked
  • that marks have been recorded/added up correctly
  • special consideration has been applied where appropriate
  • grade boundaries have been applied accurately

26th September 2024

Service 2

Review of Marking

This service:

  • checks that there are no administrative errors as in Service 1
  • has an examiner review marking of a unit/component/paper
26th September 2024


Fees             *Please note that the below fees are per paper or unit and not for an entire qualification.


Exam Board and Subject

Fee per paper

Service 1

Clerical Check

per paper/unit

AQA (English Language, English Literature, DT, Food, Geography, French)

OCR (Drama, Music, Sports Studies)

Pearson (Maths, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Computer Science)

WJEC (Geology, RE)





Service 2

Review of Marking

per paper/unit

AQA (English Language, English Literature, DT, Food, Geography, French)

OCR (Drama, Music, Sports Studies)

Pearson (Maths, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Computer Science)

WJEC (Geology, RE)





Copy of Script to support review of marking

All Exam Boards




Outcomes - students will be notified of the outcome of reviews as soon as they become available. The awarding body will provide a reason for the decision of a review if the mark has changed.

Appeals - these can only be submitted after the outcome of a review has been reported. The appeals process must be completed by the school. There is a fee for appeals, though this is refunded if the appeal is upheld.