Our Vision

‘Achievement for All’

We believe in ‘Achievement for All’ for everyone within our school community.  We aim to provide unlimited opportunity within this inspirational setting so that everyone can achieve their very best and fulfil their potential.

We aim to help our students to:-

  • enjoy learning and come to see education as a lifelong process;
  • develop attitudes, understanding and skills necessary to become a fully participating member of a democratic community;
  • develop lively, flexible and enquiring minds to:
    • find, evaluate and use information
    • question and debate rationally
    • apply understanding and skills in order to address issues, solve problems and carry out practical tasks
  • make the appropriate use of technology;
  • develop their interests and abilities and manage all their time constructively and enjoyably;
  • develop personal values and appreciate the qualities and abilities of other people and their way of life;
  • understand the world in which they live and the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and nations;
  • develop appreciation and concern for the needs of others and the environment;
  • develop attitudes, understanding and skills necessary to exercise independence and initiative;
  • develop a positive self-image;
  • develop their potential to the full.