School Council

The Student Council is the students’ voice for change within Church Stretton School.

The council consists of two representatives from every House, as well as the member of staff with responsibility for student voice. Other members of staff are invited along to meetings to contribute to relevant agenda items. The representatives are elected every year by their fellow students.

The Student Council meets every half term to discuss issues of concern, along with developments which the leadership team are seeking student feedback on, and try to find workable solutions. This process means that, with the consistent support of the school staff, real changes to the working life of the school do take place. Prior to the full council meeting, representatives in each tutor group have a discussion with their peers, the Tutor reps then discuss and prioritize the relevant points in House team meetings. This means that every student’s voice is heard. After the meeting, the minutes are distributed to the Senior Leadership team for discussion and/or action. The outcomes are reported back to the members, who then report back to their House.

The School Council offers a valuable opportunity for students to interact with each other and with senior members of staff and is vital to giving the students, the essence of any school, an input into improving life at Church Stretton School.