Exam Information

Summer 2024 Exams

Summer external exams start on the 7th May and finish on the 19th June. There are also vocational assessments, French and Portuguese speaking exams and the art exam in April.

All students sitting external exams this summer have received a statement of entry for them to check, sign and return. They have also received a personalised exam timetable. A timetable detailing all external summer exams can be viewed below.

Contingency Dates

Students must be available for contingency sessions. These are dates that JCQ set aside in case an exam must be postponed due to a significant, unexpected national or local event to ensure students are given a fair and equal chance to perform in exams. Contingency dates this year are:

  • Thursday 6th June and Thursday 13th June 2024 - Afternoons

  • Wednesday 26th June 2024 - All day

Organisation and rules for Summer 2024 Exams

  • Morning exams start at 9am. Afternoon exams start at 1pm
  • Students will be allocated the same seat and desk for all exams. They will know their seat number well in advance of the exams.
  • When students have an exam, they should go straight to the exam hall (or alternative venue) and not to their normal lesson. They will be registered as soon as the exam is underway.
  • Students will be able to leave their belongings in the changing rooms behind the exam hall. These will be locked for safe keeping.
  • Mobile phones, wrist watches and any internet enabled device are not allowed in the exam room.

What students need to bring to exams

All equipment must be contained in a clear, transparent bag or pencil case with no writing or symbols.

  • Candidates must use a black pen only (not blue or any other colour). They should make sure that they bring spares
  • pencil, eraser and a sharpener
  • a ruler
  • a calculator unless otherwise stipulated
  • for Maths exams - pair of compasses, protractor, scientific calculator
  • for DT exams – colour pencils
  • water – this must be in a clear, transparent bottle with no label, writing or symbols

Students must be aware that if they leave a venue unaccompanied during an exam, they will not be allowed back into the room to complete their exam. JCQ have produced an Information for Candidates document which students should read.