Welcome to Church Stretton School Online Information for prospective parents and carers.

During the Covid-19 school closure period, we produced virtual guides to our school, which we think are still very useful for prospective parents to find out about us.

We truly believe that our school is a special place for children to grow up, enjoy their learning and develop the skills in readiness for the next stage of their education, employment and training.  We hope that this is exemplified in the information below.  

If you have any questions that have not been answered after looking through the video and other content, please do contact the school directly by telephone or email.

Telephone:  01694 722209


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What are the school hours and how is the day organised?

The school operates a rotating two-week timetable of 25 teaching hours per week, with each lesson lasting 60 minutes. The day starts with Tutor Time at 8.50am and ends at 3.10pm. (Note: the normal day has been adjusted at present due to Covid-19 safety requirements).  Further information about how our school day is structured can be found here.

What subjects will my child study in Year 7?

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students complete a three-year ‘Key Stage 3’ curriculum, which aims to give them a broad, balanced education with a wide range of study.  This allows them to make an informed choice for their Key Stage 4 courses in Years 10 & 11.  Further information about the curriculum and individual subjects can be found here.

All Year 7 students study:

  • Core subjects of English, Maths and Science.
  • Foundation subjects of French/Spanish, Geography, History, RE and PSHE/RSE, Design Technology subjects, Computing, PE, Art, Music and Drama.

How much homework will my child be set?

Subject teachers will set work that is of an appropriate level and length to help students and staff assess whether students have understood classwork and further extend their understanding.

Homework is set according to a planned homework timetable so that students are not overwhelmed with work to do at home and to ensure it is spread out evenly across the fortnight. Our current homework timetable can be found here.

We know that having more homework is often a big concern when children move up to secondary school, but we try hard to avoid unreasonable demands made of students and there is plenty of help on offer from subject teachers and form tutors.

There is also an after-school Homework Club, which is run by a member of staff and is available on Thursday (at present this is not available due to Covid-19 restrictions).

To help students (and parents) check and manage the set homework, we use an online system called Go4Schools. Students are able to see their homework ‘to-do’ list, with any supporting information and the date each piece of work needs to be completed by.

What is the uniform policy?

We believe that our uniform is smart and business like, but comfortable.  Embroidered logos on the polo shirt and jumper are a key feature as they show which House the student is in – red for Caradoc, green for Lawley, Blue for Hazler and yellow for Ragleth.  Further information about our uniform can be found here.

How do I make arrangements for my child to travel to school on the school bus?

Transport is provided by the Local Authority for students who live within the ‘catchment area’.  Students receive a bus pass which they must carry and present if requested by the bus driver or school staff.

We subsidise transport from the Crosshouses/Bayston Hill area (a 52 seater coach) along with the Bishop’s Castle area (school’s own minibus and driver) as we know that a number of parents/carers have expressed the desire to send their child/ren to Church Stretton School from these areas. For enquiries about our bus service, please email

What are the catering arrangements in school?

Shire Services provide the catering service at break and lunch time, with 'cashless catering' so that students do not have to bring money in to school and parents/carers can monitor what is being purchased if they wish.  There is a wide selection of food and drink available, to meet all dietary requirements at competitive prices.  We are very keen that packaging and waste is reduced, therefore we do not sell plastic bottled drinks.  However, students are welcome to bring a filled refillable drinks bottle from home. 

Shire Services provide a healthy ‘Generation Juice’ dispenser for students to purchase a top-up at break or lunch time.  We also have chilled water available for students to fill their water bottle along with water fountains around the school site. (at present, these are not beijng used due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Students can also bring in their own packed lunches and there is plenty of indoor space for everyone.

What are the rules regarding mobile phones in school?

Being a rural school, we understand that having a phone gives reassurance to parents and students when making journeys to and from school.  Therefore, students are able to bring mobile phones to school but are not permitted to use them during school hours. If phones are used, we will ask students to turn them off and put them away.  If this request is not adhered to, the phone will be confiscated to collect them from reception at the end of the day and parents/carers will be informed.

Is there provision before and after school?

Unfortunately we do not have pre-school provision or after school provision.  This is largely due to the constraints of transport timing and the need for students to get the school bus home.

What kind of after school clubs and activities are available?

There are a variety of sporting and non-sporting activities available, most of which take place at lunchtime and sometimes after school. This includes sports clubs, drama, music, board games, homework and STEM.

How does school support literacy and reading?

We believe that literacy is key to students’ access to the curriculum and of course, enjoyment of reading.  Therefore, all students are registered into Accelerated Reader when they join our school.  This provides regular assessment of individual reading levels, setting of challenging but achievable targets and rewards and celebration when students reach their target.  Further information can be found here.

Can my child play or learn a musical instrument?

There are many opportunities to get involved with music, including music events in the school calendar, Young Voices competition and students can also take advantage of music tuition, which is offered for a wide range of instruments.  Music tuition is through Shropshire Music Service and requires a fee to be paid by parents/carers.

Is there a school production?

Yes! We have a bi-annual school production which is a real highlight in the school year. In previous years, we have enjoyed Our House (Madness) and We Will Rock You!

Can my child do The Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

Absolutely!  With the Long Mynd on our doorstep, we are in an enviable position to make use of the fantastic outdoors.  We are a Directly Licenced Centre (DLC), licensed by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to run complete DofE programmes. Students in Year 9 are offered the chance to start a Bronze DofE programme, after which they are able to move on to the Silver Award in Year 10.

What trips are on offer?

Students have a wealth of opportunity to participate I trips and visits.  Some are ‘curriculum trips’, required for full course completion as part of the taught curriculum.  Others are enrichment trips and visits.  Trips and visits take place locally, further afield across the UK and overseas.  Examples of previous trips & visits along with guide to approximate costs can be found here.

Is there a House system at Church Stretton School?

Yes.  Our Houses are named after the local hills which students can see every day:

Caradoc, Hazler, Lawley and Ragleth

Students participate in House competitions throughout the year and can earn House Points for a range of positive things, such as academic achievement, behaviour, attendance and contribution to the school community.  Students climb their House hill during enrichment week in summer term, offering a superb view back to Church Stretton and across to the Long Mynd.

Students are placed in one of the four Houses on entry to the school.  Siblings are placed in the same House (therefore enabling passed down uniform!) but not in the same Tutor Group.

What SEN provision is there?

Church Stretton School provides additional and/or different provision for a range of needs and all students are fully integrated into the life of the school, both in class and in extra-curricular activities.  For further information regarding SEN provision, click here.

What pastoral care is available?

At Church Stretton School, all of our staff have pastoral responsibilities for the students in their care and, through daily contact, Form Tutors play a vital role in delivering help, support and advice.

Therefore, Form Tutors are the ‘first port of call’ for parents/carers who would like to discuss pastoral matters or a general discussion about progress.

Beyond the Form Tutor, we have a Head of Key Stage 3 for Year 7 – 9 pastoral care, Head of Year 11 and Assistant Headteacher currently overseeing Year 10.

Further details of pastoral care can be found here.

How can I get involved in supporting the school?

We have a very supportive PTA who would welcome new members.  The TA raise a large amount of money through fundraising activities and really help us make a difference for all students.  The most recent fundraising has resulted in the purchase of our fabulous silver minibus!  Find out more here!

There are also opportunities when a vacancy arises for parents to join the governing body as parent governor.

We are always open to offers of help and volunteering, following appropriate safeguarding checks taking place.

How can I find out what is happening in school?

We send out a weekly electronic newsletter called The Link.  Previous issues can be found here for your interest.

Letters and other communication are emailed to parents/carers or a hard copy sent where no email is available.  A copy of our letters can be found on the school website here.

Of course, you are very welcome to contact us if you have specific questions.  To help direct youir qyuery to the right person, we signpost you in our contact us page here.

What is your admissions policy?

We are a comprehensive school catering for children aged between 11 and 16. The maximum admission number for each September intake is 96 students. Whereapplications for admission exceed the number of places available, specific criteria will be applied.  Further information about admissions can be found here.