Religious Education

Years 7-9

Introduction and Overview

Year 7:

In Year 7 topics relate to a selection of the six main world faiths: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. We investigate religious identity through food, clothing, buildings, writings and celebration. It is assessed through end of unit tests, exam questions and the Year 7 exam.

Year 8:

In year 8 we focus on the founders of faith with an examination of Jesus, as founder of Christianity, and Muhammad (PBUH). This will include the birth of Jesus, Parables, the miracles of Jesus and his death and resurrection. For Muahammas we follow his early life, the night of power, his night journey, migration and the road to Makkah. In the final term of Year 8 we look at celebrating life stages in Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. Year 8 RE is assessed through essay based assessment and the end of year exam.

Year 9:

Year 9 is focused on learning from religion, including:

· Arguments for God’s existence through creations stories, science and creation and the role of Charles Darwin

· Suffering and Religion: Types of suffering and how religions deal with this in both Christianity and Buddhism

· Discrimination and the Shah: The impact of the Shoah on the Jewish faith, key individuals and lessons learnt

· Ethical Issues and suffering Christians, the law and justice; crime and punishment and the sanctity of life and abortion.

This is assessed through exam style questions and the Year 9 exam.

How can you support your child:

· Encourage wider reading

· Ask them about what they have learnt today

· Help them to structure revision for tests and assessments

· Support the completion of homework

· Use the knowledge organisers regularly to refresh previous work

Curriculum Overview 

Knowledge Organiser

Year 7

Year 8 

Year 9 

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Additional Reading

See the library for a selection of books, or ask Mr Wright.

Years 10-11

Introduction and Overview


Paper 1: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World

Candidates will study the following four themes. All questions are compulsory.

  • Theme 1:Issues of Relationships
  • Theme 2:Issues of Life and Death
  • Theme 3:Issues of Good and Evil
  • Theme 4:Issues of Human Rights

Paper 2: Study of Christianity

Candidates will study the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity.

Paper 3: Study of a World Faith

Candidates will study the beliefs, teachings and practices of Judaism

How to support your child

We are sure that you already do many of these things to support your child but here is a useful reminder for you to refer to:

  • Encourage wider reading
  • Ask them what they have learnt today
  • Help them to structure revision for tests and assessments
  • Make good use of BBC Bitesize
  • Use revision guides to complete practice papers
  • Ensure homework is complete to the deadline

Curriculum Overview 

Knowledge Organiser

 Year 10


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Additional Reading

Use the in-house revision guide in tandem with lesson in year 11