Distance Learning

In the event of any future local or national lock-down, the school is well placed to offer distance learning through the Go4Schools application. This is the school’s main method for sharing distance learning.  However, where practical the school will make use of Microsoft Teams to support this and offer a live element to teaching.

As a school we will continue to follow a student’s normal school timetable. Therefore, ensuring a broad and full curriculum is delivered.  Of course, for practical subjects like art, Design Technology, PE and Construction, the work set will not be able to replicate the work that might be done in class.

Any work set will be differentiated to support or challenge students - this will be shown on the Stretton Challenge slide at the start of each lesson with colour coded levels of challenge.  Work will be assessed in line with the school’s normal marking and assessment policy.

As per the DFE guidance we will allocate distance learning work based on the national or local picture. In any scenario we will adopt a tiered approach which will influence the distance learning offer.

How can I access distance learning work for my child? 

Tier One:

This is our current position, where all students are expected to be in school. As as a result of this, distance learning does not apply. In this situation work would only be offered to students who are self-isolating due to the official guidance. This includes:

  • Student is told to self-isolate for official reasons as part of Track & Trace or as part of a household.
  • Student tested positive for Covid 19 and is therefore isolating at home for 10 days from the day of the onset of symptoms.
  • Student has returned from a non-term time Holiday and has been required to quarantine as part of government guidance.

If you meet any of these criteria, please inform the school by contacting Reception to report absence immediately. In this instance, your child should access the generic work through the Oak National Academy: Online Classroom, complete any homework tasks set in Go4Schools and re-visit any prior learning.  From the time of booking a test we will endeavor to issue subject specific work set by the student's teachers in line with their timetabled lessons, within three working days. 

Please see below for Guidance to Tiers 2, 3 and 4.